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A Complete Provider for Covid-19 Testing.

RapidBio delivers a complete portfolio of COVID-19 testing options for disease detection, vaccine protection and safe travel.

We are serving medical centers, health care clinics, businesses, workplaces and communities to provide accurate COVID‐19 testing for everyone.

rtPCR Testing – The most sensitive assay to detect an active infection and required by most airlines for international travel.

Rapid Antigen – Results in 15 minutes to determine if there is an active infection within an individual.

Rapid Antibody – Confirm the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in vaccinated and previously infected individuals. Results on-site in 15 minutes.

Select from any test or combination as needed to confirm you are free from infection safe to travel, enter your workplace, or attend an event. Visit one of our collection sites or schedule an appointment for on site testing at your home or workplace.

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