Rapid Test Results For Safe Working Environments

New OSHA Guidelines

OSHA guidelines require businesses with more than 100 employees to provide documentation that unvaccinated employees are tested weekly. RapidBio is offering powerful and convenient tools for Human Resources & Environmental Health and Safety officers to meet this requirement for both remote and onsite COVID-19 testing.

Unfortunately, with the new guidelines just testing at home is not enough. OSHA will not recognize at home self administered and self interpreted COVID-19 tests unless the testing is observed by the employer or an authorized proctor.
Please see: item 6J for more information.


Affordable Workplace Testing Solutions

RapidBio provides complete solutions for workplace testing to cover the mandatory OSHA standards with minimal effort for employers. Select from a PCR-based test for the most sensitive detection and least time consuming for employees & employers or a Rapid Antigen test for on-site detection of contagious individuals.

PCR self collected tests

● Receive pre-labeled collection kits
● Employees sample themselves
● Samples sent to lab by courier or pre-labeled mailers
● Results, dashboards and compliance information updated automatically

○ PCR is the best method for detection and catching outbreaks before they
○ Avoids false positive results from rapid antigen tests
○ Sample collection is less than one minute
○ The most time efficient testing process
○ Provides for OSHA’s required non-self interpreted criteria
○ No confirmation testing required
○ Saves Time and Money

On-site Rapid Antigen Tests

● Receive pre-labeled collection kits
● Employees sample themselves
● Employer observes interpretation through the RapidBio employer data
management system
● Results, dashboards and compliance information updated automatically

○ Individual antigen test results are faster than PCR

Rapid Antigen differs from PCR
» Detects actively contagious individuals as opposed to infected individuals
prior to disease spread
» Confirmation testing with PCR method recommended
» More time and labor required

Of course, if you are local to RapidBio, you may schedule RapidBio staff to conduct on-site testing at 734-794-7733 or schedule an appointment at one of over 40 collection sites across metro-Detroit.

About Our Tests

We employ the gold standard rtPCR molecular diagnostic assay utilizing collection friendly anterior nasal swabs, which collect sample from the lower part of the nostril and are much less invasive than nasopharyngeal swabs.

Rapid antigen and neutralizing antibody tests are also available.